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Do you value time, comfort, and convenience? By utilising our Executive Drivers for your own car(s), you can do your best to prioritise the most important aspects of your personal and professional life.

Business Meetings

Driving time is unproductive time. Many business executives are tired of wasting valuable working hours driving to and from meetings, being caught up in traffic, trying to find parking, etc. They also find it tiring, frustrating and unable to perform at their best at their meeting to gain the outcome the company requires. They say ‘driving the car is a poor use of their time, when they have lots of other important things to be doing instead of driving’.

When time is a premium, the last thing you need is to waste hours of unproductive time driving! But with an Executive Driver behind the wheel, you can relax in the back, thus enabling you to work or re-energise whilst on the move, with complete confidentiality and familiar comforts that can’t be provided by even first class public transport.

Corporate Road Shows

We understand that Corporate Roads Shows play an important part in business and that you put a significant amount of time, effort and finance into running them. This is why we listen to your key requirements and desired objectives, researching and implementing the right strategies to ensure your success.

Corporate Road Shows can often have complex itineraries, with fast moving schedules. We understand that time is money, and arriving at each destination on time and relaxed is key. Therefore, our Travel Managers will plan and advise on journey routes, schedules, and vehicles, to help you achieve your engagements effortlessly.

Even from the early stages of planning, our Travel Managers are on hand to discuss your specific requirements. They can help manage and arrange group transportation, whether it’s transporting staff or collecting VIPs.

Entertaining Clients

If you are entertaining your valued clients, create an effortless and memorable experience with one of our Executive Drivers to chauffeur you and your clients in your own car(s). We can also provide multiple drivers for numerous travelling parties, so whatever your transport requirements are, speak to us about how we might help you to impress your clients.

Corporate Events & Hospitality

Corporate hospitality offers you the chance to reward your valued clients with an experience they’ll never forget. If you’re attending sporting or other special events, let us help you enjoy these occasions even more.

Your Executive Drivers will not only drive you in your own executive car, but they will also be your very own personal assistant for the duration. Whatever you require, be it collecting drinks, serving food, or placing a bet for you, just ask! We’ll do our very best to ensure you have a great day that’s both memorable and effortless.

Special Occasions (Weddings, Engagements, Anniversaries, Birthdays)

Whatever the occasion, attend in style and excitement by making your loved one feel truly special. With your very own personal Executive Driver, we can help craft a day to really be remembered. We’ll take care of transport for your special day, ensuring it goes without a hitch, and by making it extra perfect in every way by adding those little but definitive special touches. We can also provide wedding cars on request.

Airport Transfers

Why not start your holiday from your front door? Your Executive Driver can transport you in your own car to and from the airport, saving you the stress and distraction of driving. Avoid paying high airport parking charges: we can drop your car back home, keeping it more secure so opportunists are less likely to think you’re away.

Stay relaxed and enjoy your holiday to the full, knowing we’ll come to collect you from the airport with your car to drive you home. So, if you want to enjoy a few alcoholic beverages on the flight home… cheers!

Our office will even monitor your flights to ensure our Executive Drivers are punctually waiting for you at the arrivals hall, enabling us to keep your cost low with reduced parking time. Whether your flight is early or late, you can be assured we’ll be there to meet you.

Your Executive Driver will be smartly dressed and personally meet you at the arrivals gate with a named sign board. You and the driver will have each others’ mobile numbers to make contact in case of confusion.

You’ll get 1 hour of free waiting time after the flight has landed to collect luggage and clear customs. We can even take you to the local convenience store on the way home so you have the essentials in your kitchen!

Big Sporting & Other Events

If you’re going to a special sporting event, whether it’s with friends, family, colleagues, or clients, no one will have to draw the short straw and transport everyone. Our Executive Driver will drive you and your guests there and back in the style and comfort of your luxurious car. No need to worry about having to drive the long distance, getting caught up in local event traffic, parking once you get there, or not being able to have a few social drinks. Enjoy the special sporting event stress-free.

Our clients frequently attend the following events:

  • Royal Ascot
  • Goodwood
  • Wimbledon Tennis
  • Formula One
  • Henley Royal Regatta
  • Boxing
  • Rugby
  • Football
  • Cricket games, etc.

Theatre & Dining

Add that personal touch of luxury and make the night extra special by being chauffeur driven in your very own executive/prestige car. Your Executive Driver will pick you up and you’ll arrive glamorously at your destination, ready to relax and enjoy the occasion, whether it’s inner-city or out in the country. No more worrying about public transport or parking close to the venue, as your Executive Driver will be waiting for you close by in order to take you home safely and comfortably.

Day Outings & Shopping

Fancy doing a bit of retail therapy, catching up with friends and family, perhaps with a spot of lunch/dinner? Your Executive Driver will whisk you off of your feet from your front door and drive in your own luxury car directly to the doors of your favourite shops.

Not only will you have a personal chauffeur, but your Executive Driver can also act as a personal assistant, making it an effortless shopping experience. Waiting nearby with a helping hand, they’ll collect your shopping bags and personal belongings as the day goes by, whilst you continue to shop effortlessly. At your call, your Executive Driver can drive you to other shopping areas, fine dining locations, or anywhere else you require, making it the perfect shopping experience.

Many of our clients enjoy shopping at the following locations:

  • Bicester Village
  • Westfield London
  • Bluewater
  • Whiteleys
  • Harrods
  • Harvey Nichols
  • Selfridges

To find our more exclusive shopping areas, contact us for more details.

Funerals & Memorial Services

Maybe you don’t really want to be driving yourself whilst grieving for your loved ones. We appreciate that this is a sensitive time, so we can help to take on some of the burdens, trying to make the day that little bit easier to handle.

Illness, Injury, Medication, or Driving Bans

Perhaps you’ve injured yourself in such a way that makes driving awkward, unsafe, or illegal. Maybe your illness or a medication is causing your perception or reactions to decline? Or, if you’re undergoing limitations from a driving ban, you will understand the drastic impact it has on your life, restricting your mobility and independence.

If you’re still required to get out about to meetings with colleagues at other offices and clients within your job, we can assist you with a regular Executive Driver to help keep your job, maintaining your lifestyle and your liberty.