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DriveMyCarExecutive is the efficient & productive way to move forward in business and personal luxury travel. We have solutions for both individuals and corporations, with plans to suit your budget.

Solutions for Individuals

We can help if:

  • You feel that your time in transit is wasted
  • Driving through traffic and locating suitable parking causes you undue tiredness and/or stress
  • You’re missing the chance to give your full attention to clients while on the road
  • You wish you could arrive at meetings fully prepared and well rested, ready to give your best
  • You’ve found that even first class public transport does not afford the comfort or privacy you’d prefer
  • You would like to avoid driving in your precious personal time, and would rather properly relax and enjoy yourself on days/evenings out
  • You’re unable to drive anymore, due to a driving ban, illness, medication, or injury?
For Work
We provide you with a fully trained Executive Driver to drive you in the comfort and familiarity of your own prestige car, whether it’s for business or pleasure. You’ll have complete privacy and freedom to work or rest undisturbed whilst in transit, promoting a healthier work-life balance. Your Driver cal also run errands for you whilst you’re attending engagements, allowing you to focus and prioritise as appropriate.
For Pleasure
Life is busy, and precious social time should be enjoyed to the full. Whether you’re planning a day out for an event, a shopping trip, or an evening at the theatre, we can make the experience even more special. Our Executive Driver can transport you in your own luxury vehicle and even provide other services as your Personal Assistant.
For Transfers
Our Executive Driver can transport you to the airport and drive your vehicle safely home, offering a better presentation of security for your property and saving you from parking fees. Upon arrival, they can meet and greet you beyond customs and drive you home after a long journey. They’ll even stop by a convenience store for kitchen necessities if required, to ensure that your transition is as smooth as possible.

For Effortless Convenience

With us, everything is taken care of: Recruitment, selection, training and administration, route planning and scheduling, and great flexibility and discretion without the risks associated with hiring permanent staff.

We can provide a one-off or ongoing service, and have several plans to help deliver exceptional value. See our available plans for more details.

Solutions for Corporations

  • Improve your return on investment for your executive employees by reducing needlessly lost time commuting
  • Transport your clients and investors in style and make a great impression
  • Encourage loyalty by caring for the work-life balance of your employees
  • Increase profits by better organising staff time and presence
  • Ensure the punctual and reliable relocation of representatives on Road Shows and Events
  • Secure your VIPs’ safety with drivers also trained in personal security.

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